Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whos to Bla(me)? *with sax*


Does a phone call
mean anything to you anymore
ring after unanswered ring
tried to see if you made it home alright
its 3 a.m.
alone Im calling wishing you would answer calls again

play play play your little game
you can say say say that Im not the same
blame blame blame everyone except yourself
pull the covers over, let it go, let it shine
as the sun beams directly on you
warming the one person
I always thought was so cold

Art wrote all the music in this. I think he did an awesome job. I just arranged it via cut and paste using audacity. This was one of the first projects we did together using email. Gary is the mechanic at my job, and used to tour in a large band. He played guitar, saxophone, bass, trumpet, and trombone. I sent him these tracks art and I did, and he said he had an idea for a sax part.. one saturday while I was working, he came in and laid the track. He actually wrote out the notes as he was playing.. I never saw anyone do that. Sorry its so loud, I still think it rules though.

On this track:

Art: Guitar, Fruity Loops
Jay: Vocals
Gary Taylor: Saxophone

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