Monday, November 16, 2009

New Track 09

dumb quick track I wrote in 5 mins

I want to feel alone
cant I just sit around
I could care less
who cares about me
wishing for the worse
to happen
but you've already happened

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


new track off the 7 song ep we just finished recording...

one click download

Jumpercable - Track

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whos to Bla(me)? *with sax*

Does a phone call
mean anything to you anymore
ring after unanswered ring
tried to see if you made it home alright
its 3 a.m.
alone Im calling wishing you would answer calls again

play play play your little game
you can say say say that Im not the same
blame blame blame everyone except yourself
pull the covers over, let it go, let it shine
as the sun beams directly on you
warming the one person
I always thought was so cold

Art wrote all the music in this. I think he did an awesome job. I just arranged it via cut and paste using audacity. This was one of the first projects we did together using email. Gary is the mechanic at my job, and used to tour in a large band. He played guitar, saxophone, bass, trumpet, and trombone. I sent him these tracks art and I did, and he said he had an idea for a sax part.. one saturday while I was working, he came in and laid the track. He actually wrote out the notes as he was playing.. I never saw anyone do that. Sorry its so loud, I still think it rules though.

On this track:

Art: Guitar, Fruity Loops
Jay: Vocals
Gary Taylor: Saxophone

Song For Becky

Embarrassing song 1. February 13 2008

corn and slaw
We've seen the same commercials all night
I break strings like a champion
I'll drink my water while you sip your tea
colonial diner
drop forks on the floor
are you ready to order?
are you ready to order?

Juggalos and Static x
girls asking for Crash on a T-shirt
how come they dont say "Welcome to Moes"
Didnt I mention how well you drive
even though you took that womens gas pump
I just wanted to ask you in this song
Would you be my valentine
be my valentine

We've seen the same commercials all night
I break strings like a champion
I'll drink my water while you sip your tea
colonial diner
drop forks on the floor
are you ready to order?
are you ready to order?

Wow just found this in an old email. I wrote this song for a girl for valentines day, I didnt want to buy her flowers cause I bought her some for getting into college (she was 27), so I made this. She said I was moving to fast, wasnt the same after that, and things ended. My vocals suck so hard in this song as well as my guitar playing. whatevs

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dont have a guitar . so im messing around on the lap top trying to do ambient stuff Song 5.mp3

new version of the song we made a video for

kill zort

i went into the lobster shack today at 330 ate burger king in there then played this main cheese riff then added to it minimally.. no bass guit just acoustic, microkorg, dw's, and my terrible flat voice. i left with 3 songs, this as a rough draft, then changed around into this song and a doomy 2001 hXc song. ive NEVER wrote lyrics before and kept most of what i said from the rough draft song. i left at 1130. I never said it was good but this site is for us to experiment with different types of music and the samba part hurts.. i hate it on 25 secs on. the words are;

Anything you want from me?
do you want me to leave?
Hey man you know.. well ok dead

blah talk to much
I have killed zort so many times (kill zort is from jays wall art)
for-a-good time call my number
we'll watch movies...then fuck

Everything you hold close
I will steal
away from you
cuz i dont like you....your a jerk

i made a quick shit vid cuz i didnt think anyone would listen to it
well i guess this is it for me and ponytail noone else is posting <-- cryin but seriously whats the point ill just make a myspace and people will laugh at me on the world wide web.

Monday, May 25, 2009

sh101 rap

no one posts anything anymore seot me and my stupid shit..i make a new shitty song like everyday... where yaz be at??? this rap joint sounds waaaaaaay better without video but whatever.. this is the video i got when searched whilin out

Thursday, May 21, 2009

larry and pee murder squad

i dont blame u if u watch this vid and think its boring, corny and wasted ur time.. but technically i made the super cheese song so.. its a song... i was trying to make a movie of my dogs murdering their monkey toys.. so i succeeded.. blow off

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

roland sh-101!!!!!!!!!

found the sh-101 emulator that works i can show u guys where to get it and how to install it, thats the harder part or u prob dont give spit. but anywho all you need is a vst host like reason, fruityloops, protools,.. to run it i made a quick guitar riff while defecating.. gross.. and put the sh101 on it , i love the sounds.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

damnit that didnt work

so this is me warmin it up to see if i can embed the video on the site

same rough draft hopefully synced up correctly

i know im off time, its hard to be creative as you play while trying to find the click track with the off time keyboard, anywho hopefully when my microkorg comes back from the repair shop i can make a cool song outta this...


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

yo jay i forgot about that alaska song... rulz so hard!! if u want we caN record it in the lobster tomorrow guitar/vox/ and if u want ill tune up my drums and put some background no show boating percussion on it total time will take like 3 hours or less. obviously its your song i would just record it and like session drum on it. i got a bass and keyboard if u wanna do that too. anywho imnot working tomoorow (wed)let a sister know..

p.iss. my lame video is outta sync, how do do fix that or is that a brett question 8===D

how to hyperlink

when you upload a video, Embed it so it will show up on this site.

Line6 Head test (get your weed pipes ready)

Seamus this was the song I was talking get the idea. Art you're song ruled.. watched it mucho times.

2nd song on ponytail bebebebeep

hey i just got back from vacation on fri went into the lobster yesterday and produced this hunk of off time mess. i think its a cool rough draft even thou some of the keys on my microkorg die out during recording and i didnt quantize anything. its video edited with a free program jay recommended and i dont really no how to use it yet so its just basics like the song. thanks for listening jay,seamus, and our 3!!!!!!"followers." jay/seamus how do u hyperlink videos?? thanks for hyperlinkin park my last vid.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

we are built

this is a song I tried with bethany, my 13 year old cousin. Shes singing and my 18 year old cousin richard is on drums.we had one practice then my aunt put the kibosh on it, saying bethany didnt know how to sing and she was to young to be in a band.Major buzz kill, I think this rules... I didnt want her to be singing about things she hasnt experianced like love and heartache, so we wrote lyrics about her sprained arm and how she hated wearing a cast.


uncomfortable its true
situation presents itself annoying to use
now I see how easy things used to be
do you




Thursday, April 30, 2009

jay the hyperlink thing still isnt working.

this is from awhile ago. was supposed to be an hour long song. i only got 43 seconds done. Song 65.mp3

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oldie but goodie Song 54.mp3

the sad dads anthem
dear jay.

since your sang out of your range, i sang even more out of mine. and how do you hyperlink? Song 69.mp3

aux 2

i keep singing out of my range

Aux 2
chip on her shoulder
in his grave hes rolling over
wish the things shes done would fade

passing judgment
never knowing all her torment
this is how she could escape

she will never be understood
she has wings

she wont be held accountable
shes disgraced

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Damn Beaker

listen on low volume its peaking like an s.o.b.

Damn Beaker

were you clearing your throat
or trying to get my attention
you talk amongst friends you dont think you're talking out loud
Im no stranger to that deafening sound

I still cant believe
he doesnt know a thing about you now

when you're starring at the place
we once fought before
well I never
no I never
thought of a troubled pointless time
a missed cruel spoken word
every time we had was stolen

how could I ever
watch the movie we laughed at
till the sun rose and the damn birds wouldnt shut their beeks
now Im a loser
I sit here and remember
and how this new guy isnt me

Saturday, April 25, 2009

latin taco salsa

song on why tacos are better than pizza


hyperlink your songs jerk
mediafire wasnt working for me so i used dumb sendspace

heres a dance song about how much i love pizza

Hair Trade

"baby dont judge me, Im not a perv living in a condo
Im just a normal dude, looking for a ponytail tuxedo"

I know I sing off on the one part, it was the first time I ran through the song.. wanna fight about it?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"i guess ill just go get, a pony tail tuxedo from the vet" Song 67 1.mp3
the freeze tag song, minus drums and the long outro Song 67.mp3

Monday, April 20, 2009

trashcan man anthem

test song 3

trying fruity loops with the laptop. meh. the built in microphone sucks

i dont need you

test song 1

need to see if this laptop can handle recording songs test 2

fog named robber

test song 2

need to see if this laptop can handle recording songs test 1

russian czars

i get bored and make songs under the name sad dads. heres one of them , alot of people said they liked this one so i figured id put it up.

kinda like old sebdoh/ guided by voice ish

blah blah blah blah who cares Song 56.mp3

St.Patricks Day

a good friend said he wanted to write a song about St.Patricks Day, but the whole song would just be him saying "st patricks day" over and over again with "oh baby" over top of it. I told him I would write it for him, and this is what it is.

its :38 seconds check it