Thursday, April 30, 2009

jay the hyperlink thing still isnt working.

this is from awhile ago. was supposed to be an hour long song. i only got 43 seconds done. Song 65.mp3

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oldie but goodie Song 54.mp3

the sad dads anthem
dear jay.

since your sang out of your range, i sang even more out of mine. and how do you hyperlink? Song 69.mp3

aux 2

i keep singing out of my range

Aux 2
chip on her shoulder
in his grave hes rolling over
wish the things shes done would fade

passing judgment
never knowing all her torment
this is how she could escape

she will never be understood
she has wings

she wont be held accountable
shes disgraced

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Damn Beaker

listen on low volume its peaking like an s.o.b.

Damn Beaker

were you clearing your throat
or trying to get my attention
you talk amongst friends you dont think you're talking out loud
Im no stranger to that deafening sound

I still cant believe
he doesnt know a thing about you now

when you're starring at the place
we once fought before
well I never
no I never
thought of a troubled pointless time
a missed cruel spoken word
every time we had was stolen

how could I ever
watch the movie we laughed at
till the sun rose and the damn birds wouldnt shut their beeks
now Im a loser
I sit here and remember
and how this new guy isnt me

Saturday, April 25, 2009

latin taco salsa

song on why tacos are better than pizza


hyperlink your songs jerk
mediafire wasnt working for me so i used dumb sendspace

heres a dance song about how much i love pizza

Hair Trade

"baby dont judge me, Im not a perv living in a condo
Im just a normal dude, looking for a ponytail tuxedo"

I know I sing off on the one part, it was the first time I ran through the song.. wanna fight about it?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"i guess ill just go get, a pony tail tuxedo from the vet" Song 67 1.mp3
the freeze tag song, minus drums and the long outro Song 67.mp3

Monday, April 20, 2009

trashcan man anthem

test song 3

trying fruity loops with the laptop. meh. the built in microphone sucks

i dont need you

test song 1

need to see if this laptop can handle recording songs test 2

fog named robber

test song 2

need to see if this laptop can handle recording songs test 1

russian czars

i get bored and make songs under the name sad dads. heres one of them , alot of people said they liked this one so i figured id put it up.

kinda like old sebdoh/ guided by voice ish

blah blah blah blah who cares Song 56.mp3

St.Patricks Day

a good friend said he wanted to write a song about St.Patricks Day, but the whole song would just be him saying "st patricks day" over and over again with "oh baby" over top of it. I told him I would write it for him, and this is what it is.

its :38 seconds check it