Monday, May 25, 2009

sh101 rap

no one posts anything anymore seot me and my stupid shit..i make a new shitty song like everyday... where yaz be at??? this rap joint sounds waaaaaaay better without video but whatever.. this is the video i got when searched whilin out

Thursday, May 21, 2009

larry and pee murder squad

i dont blame u if u watch this vid and think its boring, corny and wasted ur time.. but technically i made the super cheese song so.. its a song... i was trying to make a movie of my dogs murdering their monkey toys.. so i succeeded.. blow off

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

roland sh-101!!!!!!!!!

found the sh-101 emulator that works i can show u guys where to get it and how to install it, thats the harder part or u prob dont give spit. but anywho all you need is a vst host like reason, fruityloops, protools,.. to run it i made a quick guitar riff while defecating.. gross.. and put the sh101 on it , i love the sounds.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

damnit that didnt work

so this is me warmin it up to see if i can embed the video on the site

same rough draft hopefully synced up correctly

i know im off time, its hard to be creative as you play while trying to find the click track with the off time keyboard, anywho hopefully when my microkorg comes back from the repair shop i can make a cool song outta this...


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

yo jay i forgot about that alaska song... rulz so hard!! if u want we caN record it in the lobster tomorrow guitar/vox/ and if u want ill tune up my drums and put some background no show boating percussion on it total time will take like 3 hours or less. obviously its your song i would just record it and like session drum on it. i got a bass and keyboard if u wanna do that too. anywho imnot working tomoorow (wed)let a sister know..

p.iss. my lame video is outta sync, how do do fix that or is that a brett question 8===D

how to hyperlink

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Line6 Head test (get your weed pipes ready)

Seamus this was the song I was talking get the idea. Art you're song ruled.. watched it mucho times.

2nd song on ponytail bebebebeep

hey i just got back from vacation on fri went into the lobster yesterday and produced this hunk of off time mess. i think its a cool rough draft even thou some of the keys on my microkorg die out during recording and i didnt quantize anything. its video edited with a free program jay recommended and i dont really no how to use it yet so its just basics like the song. thanks for listening jay,seamus, and our 3!!!!!!"followers." jay/seamus how do u hyperlink videos?? thanks for hyperlinkin park my last vid.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

we are built

this is a song I tried with bethany, my 13 year old cousin. Shes singing and my 18 year old cousin richard is on drums.we had one practice then my aunt put the kibosh on it, saying bethany didnt know how to sing and she was to young to be in a band.Major buzz kill, I think this rules... I didnt want her to be singing about things she hasnt experianced like love and heartache, so we wrote lyrics about her sprained arm and how she hated wearing a cast.


uncomfortable its true
situation presents itself annoying to use
now I see how easy things used to be
do you