Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kill zort

i went into the lobster shack today at 330 ate burger king in there then played this main cheese riff then added to it minimally.. no bass guit just acoustic, microkorg, dw's, and my terrible flat voice. i left with 3 songs, this as a rough draft, then changed around into this song and a doomy 2001 hXc song. ive NEVER wrote lyrics before and kept most of what i said from the rough draft song. i left at 1130. I never said it was good but this site is for us to experiment with different types of music and the samba part hurts.. i hate it on 25 secs on. the words are;

Anything you want from me?
do you want me to leave?
Hey man you know.. well ok ..im dead

blah blah..you talk to much
I have killed zort so many times (kill zort is from jays wall art)
for-a-good time call my number
we'll watch movies...then fuck

Everything you hold close
I will steal
away from you
cuz i dont like you....your a jerk

i made a quick shit vid cuz i didnt think anyone would listen to it
well i guess this is it for me and ponytail noone else is posting <-- cryin but seriously whats the point ill just make a myspace and people will laugh at me on the world wide web.

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